"This work changes your relationship and reality with all things in your life. If you are open to new methods, you will get 10 fold what you put into it. This has by far been the best investment I've made in myself, my life, and my businesses! I have learned more about myself and healed more than I ever thought was possible. This journey has been one of the best experiences of my life. Jump in, and discover who you REALLY are and what you are capable of doing!"

-Leslie Icaro

Massage Therapist & Custom Leather Designer Owner of Icaro Massage Studio & Icaro Leather



"I have spent many years throughout my life focused on healing and growth but it seems like something was still not connecting. Trying to grow as an artist, focusing on my business, and financial life, I knew that I needed to heal the connection and approach it as one entity. From the moment I started this work, I could see things in my life connecting. This work showed me different ways to look at what was in front of me and when to notice my triggered states and how to work through them. In a short time, I have gained so many valuable tools that even during a global pandemic, I am still able to move forward. The process creates such an accepting space, allowing you to be vulnerable and honest. I am so grateful for the work we have done. I have found confidence and strength I didn’t know I had." #FiercelyAlive

-Suzy Savoy




"I have been self-employed for over 20+ years and my life's work is about empowering transformation personally and globally. The process of identifying my limiting beliefs was one I was quite familiar with since it is a large part of the work I do with my own clients. And yet, the process took me into a deeper experience of how these limiting beliefs are still playing out in every aspect of my life - personal and business. And truly there was not one session where my mind was not powerfully blown! I crystalized my vision for myself, my business, and the world along with defining my mission statement. The clarity of direction having these put into concrete, concise and personal terms that are uniquely descriptive of me, my work, and my offerings is beyond valuable - dare I say priceless. My life is forever changed because of Revenue Tribe. I am more confident, competent, in control, defined, and inspired because of this program. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Melinda Jacobs, CCHt.

Intuitive Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and International Speaker

Owner of Quantum Therapeutics



"Going through Revenue Tribe's process felt like an answer to prayers I didn't even know to pray. 

I was feeling stuck - in what I learned was a cycle of limiting beliefs about myself, my work & finances. I wanted to be more fulfilled and productive within my purpose. I was trying to figure out how to connect my own dots and needed help seeing myself and my purpose with a clearer, higher perspective.

Committing wholeheartedly to this workshop resulted in a visceral, conscious shift in my beliefs about the value that I carry and have to share with people around me. I feel empowered and capable in a whole new world of possibility that is actually a reality for me now.

Whether you are looking for a no-joke birthday GIFT to YOURSELF or the next step to living YOUR ACTUAL BEST LIFE, working with Revenue Tribe is just that, a true gift."

-Audrey Henry