When Your Vision is Challenged

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

I did the Unique Contribution workshop and I found my Vision and discovered how it was birthed from the bad and good experiences in my life. YES!! It’s what I want most in life, I am going for it. I will make it a reality in my life!!! And then all hell breaks loose and you struggle to believe that your Vision can actually take place in your life, and you begin to lose hope.

Do you ever wonder why this happens?

Here is what I believe about the above. To me there is a cycle that we find ourselves continually in. You get clear with what’s most important to you, your Vision, and you step into it and it begins to take place right before your very eyes. You are living it, loving it and it’s coming to you. And then BAM, something contrary to your Vision smacks you right in the face. It challenges everything about your Vision, and you find yourself questioning whether or not, what you care most about, is really possible.

The challenge you face is usually an invitation for you to look deeper into what is stopping you from having what you care most about in your life, and at the same time, become even a greater expert in that specific area. Most of the time, our greatest place of pain in our lives, is directly related to our greatest desires in our lives. There are often layers of hidden beliefs that do not support the vision itself, beliefs that were formed when we were completely unaware that they were being formed.

I recently encountered the above scenario head on, and when I say head on, I mean BAM, hit me right between the eyes. This isn’t the first time I have gone through the process where my Vision is challenged, but it never fails that it comes when I am least expecting it  and it seems to come when I feel like I have conquered my limiting belief and living life large. What I have noticed, is that each time my Vision is challenged, I get to look deep within to find an even greater truth that I had never seen before about what matters most in life to me. I am not saying this is easy, but if our Vision is truly what matters most to us, isn’t it worth fighting for? Aren’t you worth fighting for? When we back down and give up, we back down from having the life we love, and we give up on ourselves.

If this story finds you in a place where your Vision for your life is being challenged, take a time out. Take some time to look at what the situation is trying to teach you. Feel the pain and understand where it is coming from. Ask yourself, what am I believing about this situation right now? There is always a higher and greater truth awaiting us, if we will embrace the challenge and look for the answer it is trying to get to us.

After much searching on my part, I was able to access a part of me that had been tucked far away, a place that needed a voice, a place that needed to be understood, a place that allowed me to take even more ground when reaching for my Vision for my life. 

Don’t give up on You, You are so worth fighting for!!

Much Love,


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