What Would You Lay Your Life Down For?

What are you so committed to that you would you lay your life down for?

That is a pretty loaded question, isn’t it? 

If we had to answer that question, most of us would answer, my family, my children, the earth, human rights, Jesus, you get the point. 

But what if I told you that everything about living a fulfilled and inspired life, building a purposeful and intentional career/business and leaving a legacy that will last for generations to come, all comes from knowing the answer to the above question?

I have spent most of my life in search of the answer to that question for myself and others  I’m not quite there yet, I don’t know if I will ever be truly there, but I do know this for certain: I am a lot closer to knowing the answer to that question then I have ever been before and I am making a greater impact on the world in regards to what matters most to me.  

So, let’s unpack how to find the answer to this question. Let’s talk about why it’s so important to know the answer to this question. And let’s talk about what’s stopping you from knowing the answer to this question.

You have all heard this before, your greatest place of blessing AND your greatest place of pain both inform what matters most to you and why it matters to you. 

The interpretation you made both of those experiences mean about you and your belief about the way life works, is what creates your basic Core Beliefs.  Those Core Beliefs begin to shape and inform what matters most to you in life.  

EXAMPLE: What matters most to me that I am fully committed to is:

-->That you would know that you are a loved and valued child of God and who you are matters;

-->That you would discover your original God-given design as children of God and the significant impact and contribution you were created to make in the world;

-->That we would love and value each other’s unique purpose and live life together AS ONE;

--> And that you would have the faith to trust God as your provider, that he will provide every resource of heaven to equip you to be who you were created to be, do what you were created to do, and to live the life you love with those you love.

That’s what matters most that I would lay my life down to see manifest in the world. 

That is a pretty hefty goal right?

But it’s not if you understand what fuels this goal.  What fuels the above is my “why” (my greatest place of pain and blessing):

My Greatest Place of Blessing:

I was 1 of 8 brothers and sisters who played, prayed, worked, and loved each other with all our hearts and who had a Mom and Dad who loved and were totally committed to us and trusted God with everything and put Him first in everything.  We are FAMILY.

My Greatest Place of Pain:

I was the 2nd to last of 8 children,  just before I was born in July of 1958, my Dad (who was a farmer and depended on his crops) his crops were hailed out without insurance.  I was born into an environment that was charged with the fear of lack and created no space for my Mom and Dad to be focused on helping me understand who I was, which created a core belief in me that there isn’t enough resources (time/money/significance) for me to be, do or have what I wanted. 

As I have done this work, I have realized that my greatest place of pain, AND blessing, are the foundation of what I am most committed to. 

I am committed to helping people never have to go through or experience what I did. I have given my life to creating new belief systems around money and trusting God as my provider.  I have engrossed myself in every kind of teaching I can about my purpose, knowing who I am, whose I am, who God is, what my value is and what my unique contribution is that only I can bring to the world. 

Your “why” is the fuel to your “what”.  

So, if you are feeling a bit empty, uninspired, lost, alone, or unfulfilled - connect back to you, search out what matters most to you and commit yourself to it no matter what circumstances tell you are possible or not.  

Find a mentor, buy a book, study the scriptures, join a group, get involved with the conversation. 

Connecting to you and what inspires and moves you, requires work. It doesn’t appear overnight, you have to get moving, invest in yourself, start creating healthy practices in your life that allow you to connect to you, to God and to each other. 

It takes all of the above.

Being in a community allows you to see aspects of yourself that you may have never realized.

It’s absolutely amazing how much time we spend in school learning all different subjects and then we go to college and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to learn more of the same and yet we spend so little time and invest so little money in knowing ourselves and the purpose we were created for. 

I believe there is a “ROAR” in the land that is beckoning us to “Rise Up” to know and be all that God created us to be.

We hope to see you soon and that you plug into one of our incredible communities through Coffee & Convos. Just START the conversation within yourself and know that you are not along on the journey - it's incredibly powerful! 

Won’t you join me in this Movement!?

Nora A'Bell and the RevenueTribe Family 

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