What Problem Were you Created To Solve in the World?

Recently, I gave a homework assignment out to a new group that I have started.  The assignment was to write a 5-minute speech starting with the problem in the world they were created to solve and the contribution/solution they were uniquely created for to solve that problem.

Directly after giving this particular homework assignment, something began to rise up in me, where I found myself getting so excited about the possibilities of these people actually stepping into living their lives from a place of the solution and contribution and that they actually carry to solve a particular problem in the world today.  Can you even imagine what the impact would be if everyone one of us was so stinking fired up about solving the problem we are most pissed off at in the world today?!  

Instead of complaining and becoming victim to what bothers us the most, we actually realized that we possess the solution to the very problem we hate the most in our own lives and in the world. I realized that the greatest place in my own life, that I find myself getting bogged down with,  is either when I am in that victim and blame place in my own life or when I am surrounded by people who want to talk about the problem in their life or in the world over and over and over and never do anything to actually solve that problem.  So first, start by asking yourself:

What problem am I created to solve in the world (you can find this by doing the UC Workshop or you can find it by asking yourself, what pisses you off most about people and/or the world right now)?

And then, I challenge you to take a good hard look within your heart and ask yourself:

What do I uniquely carry to be part of the solution to that problem?

I promise you, if you begin to live your life from a place of contribution, instead of victim and blame, your life will begin to become so fulfilling and bright and joyful. 

Cheers to the journey of continuing to uncover your gifts and everything you bring to the world! You matter, the world needs you!!!

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