What Does True Leadership Take in these Changing Times?

Our world is full of constant and consistent change. Recently, the ground that we used to walk on and be so familiar with is evolving (and sometimes being blown up) daily.

What was working - no longer is. And we believe that now, perhaps more than ever, TRUE leadership is required.

A few weeks ago, when we were all just getting used to lockdown and Covid-19 was really ramping up worldwide - Nora A'bell did a video all about leadership and what it really means to be a leader these days.

No longer is positional leadership enough. Positional leadership is merely being handed a leadership title due to experience, position, financial status, social status, etc.

We are called to RELATIONAL leadership - which requires a willingness to go deep and truly know yourself, what you stand for, what you are willing to take responsibility for, and more. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

Here are the 4 points that Nora makes - you can also watch/listen in the video above.

Leadership is a defined and clearly compelling understanding of what matters most to you - letting people know what they are following you for and what you stand for.

1. You can't lead anything until you know what TRULY matters most to YOU - There is a season of self-discovery that is required for all leaders. You must find out your WHY first. Not just for others - but for yourself. If you cannot lead YOU - you cannot lead anyone else.

  • Facing our pains in life is an essential part of uncovering our purpose. Your greatest pain informs your purpose - and so do your greatest blessings.

  • No one escapes pain or adversity in their lives - it just looks different for everyone.

  • You can lead by being the best at something.... but only for a short and finite period of time. At some point, you're going to have to assess what matters to you and WHY you're doing what you're doing.

2. You MUST integrate it into every aspect of your life. - This is not just in your business or your cause - it must be integrated into your relationships, your finances, your health, and your spiritual life.

  • When you integrate what matters most to you, it gives others access to what really matters to you and that can feel very vulnerable. You're now opening yourself up to rejection for being the true and real you.

  • You'll get a LOT of information and data when you go to integrate your purpose into your life that isn't always easy. What can be shaken - WILL be shaken. So if it's not true to the core of what matters most to you, it's going to fall to the wayside.

  • The deeper you're willing to go, the higher and wider you'll be able to build and the greater impact you'll be able to make in the world around you.

3. People will be attracted or repelled by your message and what you stand for - What you care most about will be tangible for people to follow.... or not. But it's not personal!

  • You aren't meant to lead everyone - but when you are clear on where you're leading people, you'll attract the RIGHT people that will care deeply about what you do.

4. Then... it will start to look like something - You won't have to convince people to follow you. The people following you will care about what you care about and they will feel empowered to take leadership as well.

  • It's a process that requires patience. Leadership is earned over time! Not just given by position. It's an internal state of being that grows as you continue to grow.

Just remember...

There's nothing more valuable or rewarding in life than finding and coming back to YOU.

And true leadership requires you to continue to go deeper and deeper into understanding yourself. To allow the layers to be peeled back and dig to the core of what matters most to you.

You only get ONE life and you MUST know what you were willing to give your life for. It's the key to living a FULL and deeply meaningful life. Life comes with pain and adversity. Our pain and adversity are what awakens us to what we are really made OF and what we were made FOR!


What are people following you for that you are willing to give your life to?

Where are you leading them that TRULY matters most to YOU?

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