The Value of Core Values

I just returned from spending a weekend in Iowa attending a retirement party for my brother-in-law whom I love with all my heart. What should have been a time of celebration, for a career of over 35 years with a company that he gave so much to, was overshadowed by a forced retirement coming at the hands of a specific business partner that he went into business with several years ago. 

I lay no blame at the feet of anyone, for that would be a waste of time, but what was so apparent to me was the importance of being crystal clear with what matters most to you in life and making sure that the person you choose to link arms with, whether as a business partner, a spouse or a close friend, cares about what you care most about, and has the same Core Values and vice versa.

When you know your Core Values, you know your non-negotiables, as well as what the foundation is that you are wanting to build upon, the foundation is fundamentally the most important aspect of any structure that you build.  

We only have so much time we have been given in this life and one day, I believe we will be called upon, whether by our own hearts or by our God, to give an account of how we spent that time we were given. 

I often tell people that Jesus is the model I like to emulate, and I’m often asked how I think Jesus chose his 12 disciples and my answer is this. Nowhere in scripture did Jesus ask any questions to see if they were qualified to be a disciple, nowhere do I see him sitting for hours beforehand, creating a spreadsheet of what he was looking for or have a plan on how he would find them. 

What I believe Jesus did do, was, he KNEW WHO HE WAS.

He never made excuses for who he was and who he wasn’t, he only did what he saw the Father do, even when he was given the opportunity to avoid the cross by renouncing WHO HE WAS, he endured the cross instead of denying who he truly was. And I believe because of that, those that he asked to follow him, either knew whether they shared the same Core Values as Jesus did or not. 

Without one word of explanation, just a simple, Follow Me, the disciples knew whether or not they were like-minded and had the same Core Values as Jesus enough to leave everything and follow him.  When Jesus asked people to follow him, he NEVER judged them for their decision, he just kept walking and accomplishing the purpose for which God called him to.

Do you know yourself that well?  Do you know what you care most about?  Do you know the purpose you were created to accomplish here on earth? 

And even a better question: 

Do the people around you know what is most important to you?  Does your spouse know you at this level? Do your employee’s, do your clients?

I get that we will never attain to the level of Jesus and I am the first to admit I am not even close to knowing myself at that level, let alone, able to stand firm in who I am no matter what comes at me. 

What I do know is that I am constantly living my life in pursuit of the above. I try really hard to surround myself with people who are as well. I invite you to do the same.

Start where you are, start with doing one thing to know yourself better today, do one thing to know your spouse better.

Ask yourself questions like, why do I do what I do for a living, what do I love most about what I do? What do I care most about in the world that I would be willing to do something about, rather than just complaining about it?

Start watching what lights you up, start noticing the things that really make you mad. 

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Bon Appetite!!!

Nora A'Bell and the RevenueTribe Family 

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