The "Root" of it All

Discovering your Core Beliefs is one of the first places to start in knowing and understanding your purpose. Our Core Beliefs are created from the good and the bad that we have experienced in our lives and they dictate and direct most of the decisions we will make throughout our life. Our Core Beliefs act much the same as the root system of a tree. I call the first core root system your Foundational Belief. This is where the good fruit in your life comes from. It’s the very foundation of what is most important to you. It’s what creates the passion, power and prosperity in every area of your life. The second core root system, which I call your Limiting Belief, creates the bad fruit in your life. It’s that lie that continues to plague you and limits you from having the abundant life that you know is possible, but many times seems out of reach and unattainable. It’s responsible for the lack of connection and strife in your relationships and marriages. It leaves you feeling like you are not enough, that you are insignificant, powerless, hopeless and without purpose and direction.

Like many of you, I have spent the majority of my life focusing on the good and bad “fruit” instead of understanding the “root”. We spend so much of our time nurturing the good fruit and trying to pick off the bad fruit in our lives. Though it may be effective short term, unless we nuture and fertilize the good “root” and starve the bad “root”, the “fruit” just comes back the same. So here are some ways to see more of the good fruit in your life and less of the bad fruit.

  • Identify and become aware of what your Core Beliefs are (of course you can take my workshop to find out what those are)

  • Begin to nurture and fertilize your Foundational Belief, by creating a Vision for your life. Below are ways to reinforce your Vision in your life

1. From your Vision write your Declarations and Decrees that train the brain to begin to look for and focus on the good.

2. Write your Story. You get to write your story going forward. Up to this point your story has already been written. All we can do is look back and reframe our story. But we can also write and create what the story will be from this point forward in our lives.

3. Develop a Strategic Life Plan that lays out a plan of how you are going to see your Vision for your life manifest.

4. Create a Vision board that visually stimulates your senses into remembering what you want your life to look like.

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