Same Game, New Name

The life you desire is possible.

In May of this year, I became the new CEO of the much-beloved leadership coaching consultancy, RevenueTribe. I feel honored and blessed to be given this opportunity to continue the work of my predecessor, mentor, and friend, Nora Abell, in transforming leadership from a place of scarcity and burnout to one of abundance and possibility, and helping driven entrepreneurs step fully into their purpose.

Before this work, I was a victim to my circumstances. I let my past and my pain define my future. I was bitter, I was hurt, and I was hiding all of it in my achievements, striving for things I didn’t really care about because that’s what I based my worth on.

I placed my worth in what I had because I didn’t know who I was.

This work changed my life in every way—my marriage, my business, my family, my finances, my spiritual life. This work allowed me a whole new perspective and gave me the practical tools to build the life I wanted.

It turns out buying a business isn’t easy. The past few months have been filled with attorney meetings, countless phone calls, and endless questions. Through it all, I learned to turn the uncertainty and nervous excitement into faith, and allow that faith to guide me. That faith is what kept me on track and helped me find my voice in the midst of the policies, procedures, and expectations.

There’s so much data in buying and selling a business, it’s suffocating. If you’re not strong in who you are, you’ll lose your sense of direction. The paperwork will kill your buzz. You have to be able to pull your own pain and negative limiting beliefs out of the legalese so you can see what your true north is, so you can remember what matters most.

When we look to external measures to protect us—contracts, policies, procedures, firewalls, alarm systems—that protection will only last so long. True protection is actually executing your vision and tapping into your own power.

The last few months were once again a reminder that when we’re not clear on what we want and what we’re called to do, burnout is inevitable. I only kept my sanity during this time by centering myself every single day on why I am buying this company: because I want to share this work with the world.

This company will go many places. At the heart of it all, we will always put our clients and relationships first. I am the product of what it looks like to care more about your people in business than the bottom line.

With that, I’m pleased to introduce RevenueTribe’s new name:

BOLD Leader Collective

Why “BOLD”?

BOLD stands for Be Owners of your Life and Destiny. Let’s break it down.


First, “Be.” As leaders, we tend to Do more often than Be. To Be a BOLD leader, you have to understand the value you bring by just Being you. Understanding your value is crucial to your leadership skills and style. As leaders, it’s crucial that we understand our state of Being and who we are before we Do anything else. In this way, leadership is not simply learned; it’s embodied.

Owners of Your Life

To truly live the life you want, taking ownership is crucial. I was fortunate enough to have had a few wake-up calls early in my life that led me to take ownership by my mid-twenties. What does taking ownership look like? It can be as simple as asking the bigger questions—What was I created to do? What gets me out of bed in the morning? Am I taking my life seriously and doing the things I was put here to do? It could involve just being proud of your life so far. You may not have marked all the boxes, but you understand how valuable your life is.

Each person is needed and was put here for a reason. Are we taking true responsibility and ownership of that? Or are we just filling our time with menial things to distract ourselves from the bigger questions because we’re too afraid to ask them?

And Destiny

A BOLD Leader understands there is something greater to who they are and what they were created for than just their job. Such leadership is no longer finite; it’s legacy-focused. By focusing on their legacy, BOLD Leaders motivate people in their own unique ways towards a larger vision.

My BOLD vision is to create a movement where people stop seeing leadership as a soft skill but rather understand leadership to be a part of who they are. I see the embodied leader changing every industry there is. People will be in the right positions to be the change and impact they were created for, rather than taking jobs just to get by. They will be emotionally and intentionally connected to what they do because of who they are.

So here we go!

I invite you to join us. Come be a part of the race and ask yourself: What baton are you passing, picking up, or going after?

You have an impact to make on this world; it’s your job to look within and uncover what you were made for!

What’s your BOLD vision?

Are you ready to become the BOLD Leader you were created to be? Join us!
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