Powerfully Re-frame your New Years Resolution for Lasting Results!

Updated: May 14, 2019

There are so many different thoughts about how to make effective New Year’s Resolutions.  My suggestion in making New Year’s Resolutions is to know what matters most to you in life, KNOW YOUR VISION for your life and do MORE of that!! For those of you who have taken the Unique Contribution Workshop, go back and look at your Vision and remember what matters most to you in life, and then look back on 2018 and write your Top 10 moments that meant the most to you.  Most likely, you will see a common thread that is in direct correlation to your Vision for your life... do MORE of that. 

For those who have not taken the Unique Contribution Workshop, look back on 2018 and list your Top 10 things that you are most grateful for and you will most likely find a common thread of what matters most to you...then, do MORE of that. To create effective and long lasting Goals for 2019……… Do MORE of what meant most to you in 2018 in every area of your life!! If I look at my Vision and what I was most grateful for in 2018, it is so obvious what matters most to me that I want MORE of?  LOVE, HONOR, AND FAMILY!!

That alone informs how to grow my business, where the highest and best use of my time should be spent and where true prosperity is birthed from in my life. Here is my point in all of this: I may still have a ways to go in creating what I know is possible in having a loving family that honors and values each other, but because I know that is the core of what matters most to me, I am laser focused in everything I do in my relationship with God, my children, my business, friends, and family.  Every time I look back on the previous year, I find myself so grateful for the increase I have seen when it comes to what matters most in my life.    Now I ask you: How much time have you actually spent on discovering and identifying what matters most to you in your life?  What is your Vision for your life, what is the end goal, what is that one thing that you are willing to give your life to see happen?  If you can’t answer that question, you will most likely begin to feel aimless and purposeless, unsatisfied and insignificant, unsupported and unseen, unproductive and probably a bit unfulfilled in your life.

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