Perception is Everything

I have coached hundreds and hundreds of people through my work, and it never ceases to amaze me how the perceptions that we have made about ourselves at a very young age, and our interpretation of a particular experience, still has the power to influence how we live life, how we make decisions, who we marry, how much money we make, or how successful we are or are not.So if Perceptions are everything, then our lives and who we become are primarily based on what we perceived to be true and eventually that perception becomes our belief and our truth about ourselves.Did you know, that up until 8 years old the part of our brain that is able to differentiate whose fault something is has not yet been developed? So based on that theory, when you were a young child and something happened to you or around you, the only interpretation you could possibly have made was, it must have been your fault.

At some point in our lives, I think all of us must stop and take time to look at what has been running our lives, good and bad, and begin to unpack and look at them through the eyes of an adult. Its vital that we begin to discover the incredibly good interpretations that we made, as well as the ones that are simply not true or that do not serve us in living our lives to the fullness that I know God intended us to live it. I am a big believer in getting outside eyes on our lives, so I have made it a life long practice of seeking counseling and coaching on a consistent basis. What I have learned through my many years of examining my own life is, we all need someone else to help us look at a situation from a different point of view. This allows us to step back and get a new perspective on looking from the prospective of what “good” may have come from that situation and what story am I still carrying around about myself, that just doesn’t serve me anymore and quite frankly, in most cases, just isn’t true. This month take a moment to look at what might be stopping you in your life right now and ask yourself, what am I believing about my self in regards to this situation, that just isn’t true.

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