Holding Your Vision

Knowing your Vision and what you want most in life is one, thing, actually living in the fullness of that Vision is another. So how do we live in that state of being that we so long for.......Practice and Grace!!

I have many UC Grads that come to me for further coaching in how to maintain a place of living in their vision. They are frustrated that their Limiting Belief hasn't somehow magically disappeared. So here is what I want to encourage you all with. Your muscle is weak in regards to living from a place of your Vision. Don't worry about not being able to hold that state of being for long periods of time, it will come. You will find yourselves going through a whole myriad of emotions, grief of realizing the absence of having what you want for a good portion of your life. Fear that living in that state of mind won't last. Confusion of what is and isn't normal. Let yourself feel it all, with no judgement. Let's extend ourselves a little grace and practice our Vision. Pretty soon, with a little practice and a lot of grace, you will find that your Limiting Belief has very little hold on your life and you are living a life that you love!!

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