Do Your Goals Inspire You?

The reason I started RevenueTribe in the first place, was because I was so frustrated watching business owner after business owner create strategic plans and set goals for their business without fully understanding their Vision for their life and their business (what matters most to them and why). 

The majority of them ended up disappointed and disillusioned, wondering why they were never able to achieve their goals. OR sometimes even worse, achieving their goals and feeling unsatisfied and empty upon completion of said goals.

So I ask you...

Do you have a Vision for your life?

Do you have goals that help you understand how to achieve your Vision?

And do you have Action Steps on how you plan to achieve your goals?

Your goals are only as good as your understanding of your Vision (what matters most to you and why). 

It is as simple and as complicated as that.

If your goals don’t inspire you, move you, call you deeper into your purpose, make you sweat a little... then chances are you are not connected to what matters most to you.  And that is a basic fundamental principle that drives everything in our business, in our relationships, the way we spend our money and everything in between.

If you don’t have a fundamental idea of what motivates and inspires you and why then it will begin to manifest in every area of your life.  You will begin to feel stuck and uninspired in your relationships. Chances are your health and the level of self-care will begin to diminish. Your revenue will begin to plateau, even decline, your production at work will follow suit and on and on.  Here are some quick reminders and prompts on how to identify and be more connected to your Vision:

First Question: What was the high point in your life that has had the greatest impact on your life? And then answer Why? Why was that the high point that had the greatest impact on my life? 

Second Question: What is the low point in your life that has had the greatest impact on your life? And then answer Why? Why was that the low point that had the greatest impact on my life? 

Common Thread of Your Why’s: From your answer to of your High Point Why, combined with your answer to your Low Point Why - your Why’s begin to give you a high-level understanding of what matters most to you. 

So as you begin the process of understanding what matters most to you, you are able to begin to frame, Why it is important to you from your greatest place of blessing AND your greatest place of pain. 

Now from your Common Thread, what is one goal that aligns with moving you closer to what matters most to you?  This is where we can begin to create dynamic and inspiring goals that move, motivate and inspire you to action.

If the above simple exercise begins to awaken you to something and you want to dive deeper, we host a Power of Your Purpose event for a minimal charge every month to dive deeper into this exercise and begin to see how this begins to inform every aspect of your life. 

My belief is this, the more we understand what matters most to us and why, the easier it is to identify the life we want to live. The more focused we become in creating goals around how to get there, which leads to actually living a life of significance and impact that we are inspired about. 

So let's do this, community!  Start by engaging in the conversation at any of our events or reaching out to myself or any of our facilitators. Just start somewhere, believe me, you will be glad you did! 

Have an incredible, vision filled week! We hope to see you soon. 

Nora A'Bell and the RevenueTribe Family 

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