Create a Powerful Today

Have you ever noticed how a life-altering event can quickly trigger you into looking back on your life with regret?

At the very same time, it can also compel you to look at the future in a way that causes you to yearn for what you don’t have in your life at the present? Interesting phenomenon isn’t it?

Recently I experienced one of those moments. My daughter had her second child, a beautiful baby girl. As I stared into the eyes of this beautiful new creation I found myself recounting the moments I took for granted with my own daughter. The choices I made that led to things I regret, like divorce. And yet, in the very same breath, I found myself longing for the beautiful close family that my daughter was enjoying, that I don’t have, and then it dawned on me! Regret and longing can sometimes rob us of the amazing present that we have the opportunity to have right here, right now. If used correctly, regret and longing can work to our favor. I think both inform us of what we value the most in our lives and what we should be paying more attention to in the present. My regret of divorce is an indication of what matters most to me in my life, as is my longing to be married, they are one in the same.


So I ask you, what are you doing to listen to what your regrets and your longings are trying to inform you of in your here and now? How much of your time and attention are you giving to the things that matter most to you? Pulling our tomorrow into our today takes intention. Before any more time passes, take a few moments out and pay exquisite attention to those things that matter most to you. Begin to take action to create more of what you value most. I firmly believe that when you really get clear with this, that what you want most in life, will begin to appear right before your very eyes.

There is no better time to create the life you love, than today.

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