Connection Lost

Yesterday my internet went down for the whole day, ugh!!! I woke up this morning with this overwhelming thought, “Most of us are so disconnected with ourselves, because of all the interference that things like technology has thrown our way”. Why is that? Again, I was reminded of what the high school officials that I met with last month said. They said, the biggest problem in Colorado high schools today, is that students are disconnected with their parents. Which then leads them to be disconnected with themselves and of course then with each other. I think if any of us asked ourselves, do we feel disconnected with ourselves and others, we would say, hmmmm………maybe, sometimes.

Let me ask you this, do you find yourselves wandering aimlessly, feeling alone, uninspired at times, unfulfilled, wondering if anyone really understands you, maybe a bit purposeless? It’s not a huge amount of time that we feel this way, just here and there throughout the day and maybe at night just before our head hits the pillow. But if you are like me, those times can be deafening and can quickly throw you off course. But what if those feelings were actually trying to warn you that you were slowly losing connection with yourself.

Losing connection with who you are, why you’re here and what you care most about affects our work, our relationships and the way we do life. Shouldn’t that be the greatest priority to all of us? So this week, let’s work on reconnecting with our selves and with others. Try turning off your phone for just an hour when you get home, or going for a walk with yourself, meditate on what’s most important to you in life, doing something you’ve always wanted to do or taking time to learn something new about your kids or your significant other. In the electrical and technology world, connection is everything, shouldn’t it be the same in your life?Let’s all try and do one thing today to restore the “lost connection”.

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