Are You Willing to Lay it Down?

Updated: May 14, 2019

January brought a lot of growth to our team here at RevenueTribe and we have been reflecting on the process. As we grow, there are always challenges and often times the path gets messy. But here's one thing that proves to be true over and over again when it comes to change and growth...

If you want to change something in your life, then you have to start by believing something different then you have before. 

Most of you know that the Unique Contribution Workshop helps you become aware and very clear of your 2 Core Beliefs that produce the good fruit in your lives (what matters most to you) and the bad fruit in your lives (what stops you from actually having that in your lives).  It’s amazing how everything in life becomes so much easier to understand when we know these two fundamental Core Beliefs!  

But here is what I have learned that I know to be true.  Just because you know something, it doesn’t really change anything unless you apply it.  You have to be willing to look at your Core Limiting Belief that holds you back from actually living the life you know is possible and then you have to be willing to lay it down. You have to have the courage to let go of the old way of being and truly step in to the truth of who you know yourself to be. 

If you are seeing that there are thoughts or ways of being that aren't serving you or allowing you to experience what matters most to you in life, here are a couple of suggestions to help you move through that process:

  • Learn to be comfortable in the unfamiliar.  Most likely you have become familiar with how to live from a place of your Limiting Belief.  It may not be producing good fruit in your life, but it has become a place that is familiar and comfortable to you.   When you are laying down and choosing to believe something new that will actually produce the good fruit in your life, it will not be a familiar way of being, get used to being comfortable in the unfamiliar.

  • Reframe your Story.  Go back to the place of pain or disappointment or hurt that caused the Limiting Belief in the first place and allow yourself time to heal.  This is not for the faint of heart, but very much needed.  Create a safe place for yourself to go back to where those beliefs first started and journal how you felt and what actually was and begin to rewrite your story or interpretation from a place that empowers you to move forward.  I find journaling is really good for the soul, call a friend and talk to them or ask your counselor or therapist to help you retake that ground.

  • Forgive.  Be willing to forgive others or even yourself.  Unforgiveness is a powerful force that holds us to the past.  Forgiveness is the first step that will help you step into the new that you know is possible for your life.

  • Meditate on the Truth.  Begin to meditate on your new truth, what you want most in life, your Vision.  Meditate day and night on what is good and pure and perfect and it will definitely begin to manifest accordingly.

  • Act as if it is true.  Begin to take steps that represent what your Vision looks like.  Live as if and it will begin to manifest. 

  • Contribute.  Begin to contribute to the world what you actually want more of.  The law of sowing and reaping is a principle tried and true.

  • Be a part of Purposeful Community.  There are layers, upon layers that continue to surface when doing this work.  Get in a community where people are doing the same exploration and courageous work and share your life’s journey to wholeness with them.This is definitely a lifelong practice, but as a very wise woman once said to me, "Pick your Hard".  There are no easy routes in life - even though we are led to believe that there are sometimes! 

Decide what’s most important in your life and commit to going for it, even when it gets hard. 

I believe in you, now believe in Yourself!!

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