Are You Making the Impact in the World You are Capable of?

Are you making the level of impact in the world that you know you were created to make?  Recently, I was faced with the same question. 

For the last month, I have been increasingly frustrated at the lack of ownership that people were taking for their lives and the lives of those around them.  I am not easily moved to frustration and so I had to take a good hard look at what was causing the frustration. 

[By the way - the answer for our state of being, negative or positive, is never because of someone else. The answer to our frustration comes from a place of our own state of being.  No ONE person is powerful enough to have control over our state of being. That is the one domain that we are all called to own.] I then I realized, that my frustration wasn’t caused by other people and the limits they put on themselves. But rather, it came from not owning the level of significant impact that I knew I was capable of making and living from... a place that was below what I knew in my heart I was called to. 

So I ask you:  

Are you currently making the impact in the world that you know you are capable of making in the world? Are you okay with being comfortable in the familiar because at least you know what you are going to get in that place and it is safe? 


Do you long for more? Do you long for your spirit to arise and be on fire for the things you know you are called to?  Do you long to pull away from the shore and become comfortable in the place of the deep where it requires you to find what you are really made of and depend on God in those times where fear grips you? 

Are you born to be a water walker but you still find yourself in the boat? Below are a couple of keys to help equip you to move into a greater place of influence and impact....

  • Discover, Embrace and Own YOUR Unique Value

  • Be focused, tenacious, and committed to being the Best Version of You

  • Go full out in Contributing your unique gift to the world

  • And find a community that is equally as committed to all the above to do it with.

Come on, let’s all Be Water Walkers together!!

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