Are you Inspired by your Life?

So this has been my burning question the past few weeks……Why do we wait until the New Year to think about creating the life we want? I get that I live, eat and breathe the work of teaching people to identify what is most important to them and what is stopping them from seeing that fully manifested in their life. But for me, it is a DAILY practice and process, not something you sit down and do once every year. So here is what I would suggest you do to truly live the life you love.

BE INSPIRED: Don’t settle for just being satisfied with your life. There is so much more to this wonderful, beautiful life then just being satisfied. If you haven’t already, invest the time in to finding out what matters most to you and why. This will help you identify what really inspires you and give you such forward movement in creating the life you desire.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Instead of going full force and trying to create the life that inspires you once a year, do something everyday that inspires you. And then find others that consistently live each day from a place of purpose and inspiration and be in community with them.

LET GO: Holding on to those things that don’t bring life, i.e. unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, resentment will never help produce an inspired life. Learn from your mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes and use them to be better.

My hope for you is that in a year from now, you will look back on the 2018 and BE INSPIRED by the year you just lived.

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