A Practice in Gratitude

November is the month of Thanksgiving and for the sake of going with tradition, I feel something deep in my heart that I would like to share with all of you and encourage you all to consider.

I facilitated a new worksheet with my facilitators at our retreat this October in Steamboat Springs. I had them list (from their Vision/Mission) what they valued and respected most about their Mom, Dad, themselves and I had them pick one person they admire the most in the world and what they valued and respected most about them.

Then, I had them compile them and come up with the top 3 things they value most in life. Here were my answers:

  • To know the depth, width, and height of God’s goodness and his love and be totally immovable in that truth

  • To walk in God’s original design and know the purpose for my life, as his beloved daughter. The Garden Restored.

  • To have unshakeable faith that God will provide over and above anything we could hope, imagine or hope for, even when I may not see it.

From our list, I then asked them to look back over the entirety of their lives and say what they were most grateful for.

SERIOUSLY, life-changing.

There is research that says 80% of our thoughts are negative?! 80%!!!

That is a lot of negative flying around in the world. No wonder we aren’t living the life God intended us to live. So much of our work help reframe people’s inability to take those thoughts captive, but here is another way that I think going into the holidays might make it a whole lot easier.

The next time you go to work, or a family reunion or a date with your spouse or anything in between, ask yourself this, what are 3 things I value and respect most about this person, and what are 3 things I am most grateful for in this person.

And then when you see them, see what happens and when you leave I want you to tell yourself 3 things you valued and respected most about yourself in that moment, and 3 things you are most grateful for in your life.

Here are mine. What I value and respect about YOU (the reader):

  • You are hungry and committed to being the best version of yourself

  • You are always looking for new ways to become more fully in who you are

  • You value a world that loves and values themselves and each other

What I am most Grateful for in my life:

  • My undying relationship and trust in a GOOD God. My commitment to trust him even when I don’t see the evidence of what I am asking for in the moment, my FAITH.

  • My Daughter, my son-in-law and my grandchildren for their love for themselves, each other, and for God, For living life on purpose and making it part of their FAMILY and not being shy in taking it to the world.

  • My TRIBE: I am so grateful for the 6 women who have laid everything down to pursue this work and their commitment to taking it to the world. They have put their full faith in God to bring the resources we need to build this movement.

Get it? Now it's your turn.

When you take time to write down and ponder what you are truly most grateful for, more of it shows up. So this is a very good month to practice this. It’s a practice, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time, the perfect scenario, do it now.

Just stop and ask yourself, what do I value most about myself, and then stop, be grateful for how God made you and then take that feeling out into the world, watch how LOVE begins to become our new reality!!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving month - and that we connect with you soon at one of our upcoming events! See our website and Eventbrite page for a list of upcoming events.. Or join our email newsletter list to get updates right to your inbox!

Comment below with your answers above, we'd love to hear!


Nora A'Bell and the RevenueTribe Family

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