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Self-Discovery and Leadership Mastermind Groups

Are you ready to discover and UNLEASH the Purpose you were MADE FOR?


We provide a safe place for high-impact leaders to embark on a journey to discover who they are, identify and express what they want for their lives, deeply connected to a unified and purposeful community that supports, loves and values them for who they are so that they will be empowered and have the resources to be the change and make the significant impact they were created to make in the world.

how it works:



Bi-Weekly Mastermind + Integration


All of our mastermind participants are required to go through our 12-week Self-Discovery Intensive Process. This is the FOUNDATION of everything that we build on in the  Mastermind.


In this Intensive, you will... 

  • Discover your unique design and the purpose you were created for.

  • Gain awareness and find freedom from the limitations, lies, and programming that hold you back from the life and purpose you were made for.

  • Connect deeply with what REALLY matters to you and WHY you do what you do.

  • Create a strategic plan that is authentic to your life and what YOU truly want to create. 


  • You may take this course in a group setting (all virtual) or with a private coach of your choice (virtual or in-person, if offered)

  • Our group courses meet weekly for 2 hours -- There will be weekly teaching held in a large group (15-20mins) but most of your coaching will be done in small groups of 5-6 participants with a RevenueTribe certified coach.

  • This course goes DEEP - and fast! It is not for the faint of heart.

  • Our group coaching offering is offered 3-4 times per year and are limited in number of participants. 

Investment + Terms:

  • While the intensive only takes 12-weeks, we require a 6-month minimum commitment (12-week Intensive + 3 months in the mastermind) - this is a LIFESTYLE transformation, not a quick fix program. 

  • After the 6-months, you may cancel your membership at any time. 30 days (1 billing cycle) notice is required to cancel. 

  • Group Coaching Pricing: Starting at $297/mo

  • Private Coaching Pricing: Varies per Coach

Our Next 12-Week Group Intensive Begins: 

Wednesday, September 30th from 11am-1pm MST

Once you have completed the 12-Week Intensive, you will then integrate into the bigger group Mastermind! This phase is all about Integrating, Maximizing, and Fulfilling your Purpose in life.

We meet the 1st + 3rd Friday of every month

from 11am - 1pm MST

What the Mastermind is All About:

  • Integration: Every session will be led with content and teaching to help you integrate your purpose in every aspect of your life : Money, Business/Professional, Relationships, Spiritual Life, and Health.  

  • Accountability: This is about MOVEMENT and taking action. Not just learning and absorbing. Your strategic plan will be your guide to growth and you will be held accountable for what you say you are going to do.   

  • Support: Living a purposeful life is NOT easy or a given. There are many ups and downs and twists and turns. We create authentic and safe spaces for you to show up as you are! To give and receive support openly. 

  • Collaboration + Resources - You will be working with other Millennials that are on the same (or similar) journey to you. We believe that we can do more together than we ever could apart! You will find when you align with others that share your values, that collaboration and resources are a natural flow here. 

In our Mastermind you get... 

  • 2, 90-minute Virtual Meetings per month (via Zoom).

  • Content Vault and Resources - all teaching and resources will be saved and shared in an online portal. 

  • Online Community Group. - we will keep in touch between sessions as well via a private Facebook Group.

  • Discounted + Prioritized additional sessions with your Coach if needed.

  • First notice and discounts to other RevenueTribe events and programs. 

  • Alumni Discount to re-take the 12-week course (it is recommended to retake every 12-18 months). 

Investment + Terms:

  • We require a 6-month minimum commitment (12-week Intensive + 3 months in the mastermind) - this is a LIFESTYLE adjustment, not a quick fix. 

  • After the 6-months, you may cancel your membership at any time. 30 days (1 billing cycle) notice is required to cancel. 

  • Mastermind Pricing: $297/mo

  • *Private Sessions: Varies per Coach

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