Meet our Team

Our team of coaches, facilitators, and speakers are committed to creating a movement to equip and empower others to live a life of significance and impact!

We facilitate a proven process to discover who you are, why you're here, what stops you from living in the fullness of your purpose, and how to walk that out in your life. 

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Nora A'Bell

Owner & founder of ReveueTribe

I have spent most of my career and founded RevenueTribe in 2011 to provide the resources to business owners and their teams to help them discover who they are, what they value most about themselves and each other and identify and remove what stops them from walking in the fullness of their purpose in order to maximize their influence in creating unified and purposeful families, teams and communities.

It is my life’s mission to help create a world where we Value and Honor ourselves and others and are all walking in our God-given call and purpose for our lives.


Christine Hernandez

Director of Facilitator Training & Development

Christine Hernandez is a passionate Business Owner, Wife and Mother that is dedicated to creating a world where everyone is purposeful, accepted, valued and living a full life in connected community. She knows the importance of living your best life after overcoming a terminal brain condition and choosing life. After owning/managing 3 multigenerational companies and being part of numerous transitions, Christine now consults with business owners to solve key challenges of misalignment by helping them discover their Vision, Mission and Core Values (what matters most to them) that provides the understanding they need to build a strong, sustainable business and helps them bridge the gap and create a culture of honor with their team. This then allows everyone to see the significant role they play so that they can make greater IMPACT with their clients and community TOGETHER.


Jordan Pendleton

Director of Marketing & Communication

Jordan is passionate about exploring and becoming the best version of herself in every area of her life.  She is a Mindset Coach as well as managing the marketing, sales, and communications within RevenueTribe. She specializes in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs discover soul-fulfilling success to increase their personal and professional impact. After years of growing a financial planning business, she felt her successes were empty and knew there were parts of herself that she wasn't accessing. Now, she is passionate about helping her clients reconnect with themselves and support them on their personal journeys to what success looks and feels like to them! 

Sarah Caleb

Mindset Coach

Sarah is passionate about bringing her clients into right relationship, first with themselves and then those around them. This creates powerful acceleration for them to fully reach their purpose and maximize their impact. Drawing from work as a recruiter and years of experience in healthcare, Sarah has a deep understanding of how to empower her clients to fully engage their strengths and overcome even the most debilitating of setbacks. Sarah’s clients leave with a clear connection to their voice and values and a renewed fire for life that shifts challenges into adventures and upgrades.

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Katie Whidden

Mindset Coach

Katie uses her corporate accounting background as well as the lessons learned while building her own successful business in the fitness industry to coach business owners.  She knows first hand the struggles business owners experience and is inspired to help others trust and value themselves first so they can create the impact they want to make in their communities.  She has a unique ability to create a safe space for them as she walks them through a process to discover and connect to what matters most to them, why it matters to them and how to turn their vision into action!

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