Couples Workshops

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What kind of significant impact would it have in your business, in your marriage or in your community, if you truly knew each other at a level where you were able to "Shine As One"?

Whether you are in business together, dating or married, maintaining a fulfilling long-term relationship through all the challenges, changes and curve balls that life throws at you, is not easy.

All of us were created with a unique contribution, something that contributes to our world in a positive way and fulfills our need for purpose and meaning. When we feel that we have significance because our authentic contributions are valued and depended on, something extraordinary begins to happen:

This workshop is for you if:

  • You know that there is so much more that is possible in your relationship together, but you don’t know how to access it.
  • There seems to be a disconnect in truly understanding what’s important to each other that is causing distance and unease.
  • You are business partners and you need to create a vision and mission that are shared and embraced by both of you to create the values and culture of the company.
  • The lines have become blurred between being business partners and husband and wife.
  • You feel that you and your partner are or have grown apart and want different things.

The Results you will walk away with:

  • You will both discover what’s limiting you from walking in your full potential, and not only will we remove that limiting belief, but help you understand how to support one another when that limiting belief begins to creep back in.
  • The ability to clearly communicate the why behind what you do, and create a Shared Vision that actually moves you forward because you now understand how you work best together where you each feel important and valued.
  • You will be able to work together with an efficiency and effectiveness that consistently creates more value.
  • You will be inspired to do more and achieve more because you each know your unique contributions are appreciated.
  • Problems are solved with creativity and ingenuity because you both understand how to identify and move beyond each others limiting beliefs.

It is absolutely possible to reawaken your relationship to where true connection is possible and that comes from seeing and understanding and being seen and understood by each other.

Unique Contribution Workshops for Couples

Every person on this planet has a deep desire to contribute something of value. This workshop helps you rediscover what makes each of you unique, and allows each of you to fully bring your unique contribution to the relationship and create something extraordinary.

Workshop Outline
Unique Contribution - You. Rediscovered.

Belief Boundaries - Where Your Business and Your Relationships Live

There are key times in every person’s life, where they experienced something that had a profound impact on their life. Our positive interpretation of that experience creates our Foundational Belief, which is where all the good fruit from your life comes from. Conversely, from an experience, you will discover that you also created a negative interpretation and consequently, created a Limiting Belief which holds you back from living in your full potential and has a negative impact in your business and in your relationships.

Foundational Belief: Our lives are shaped by beliefs we are often not aware of. Learn how to identify Foundational Beliefs in your life and the positive effect it has on your life and also how it works together with your spouse, significant other or business partner to create even stronger and more impactful relationships in your life.

Limiting Belief: Ever bump up against things in your life you just can’t seem to get past OR a problem you seem to have to deal with over and over? These are your Limiting Beliefs. Silent but deadly, they are the ceiling on your life. Bring your Limiting Beliefs to light and discover what’s stopping you from having the type of relationships in your life that you know is possible.

Your Vision for Yourself, Your Community and the World

It's time to exchange that ineffective and lifeless Limiting Belief with a New Possibility for yourself that will not only allow you to flourish and walk in your full potential, but will also bring you measurable results. This is the fun part. With the ceiling lifted, it will be easy for you and your partner to rediscover your purpose and passion for life, and help you create a shared Vision.

Session Three: Your Unique Contribution - The Problem You Solve

Do you know the problem you were created to solve? Look back on your life and career and identify the problem you were created to solve and have been solving all your life. Watch how much more effective and productive you become when you know who you are, how it applies to your partnership and how you carry out your Vision for your life, your partnership and for the world around you.

Session Four: Communicating Your Unique Contribution

Now that you’ve discovered the work that God gave you to do, make it come alive with the perfect mission statement. Be focused, clear and on target when communicating the problem you solve, the result you bring and how you powerfully achieve that result with your partner and your business. Your life will never be the same!

Private One-on-One Couples Coaching

If you feel you want to dig deeper, have a more individualized and secure session, then a private session may be a better option for you than the group session.

I work one-on-one with you to rediscover what makes each of you unique, and together, create the a shared Vision and Mission which enables both parties to fully bring their unique contribution to the relationship and create something extraordinary.


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