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What if it was possible for everyone in your organization to show up in such a way that growth and prosperity were inevitable?

Business owners, executives and managers spend their days trying to solve communication problems, cash flow problems, retention problems, production problems... But, these are not their real problems.

The real problem is that their office is filled with people that don’t know how to bring their best selves to work every day.

All of us were created with a unique contribution... something that contributes to our world in a positive way and fulfills our need for purpose and meaning. When every member of a team feels that their work is significant and meaningful because their authentic contributions are valued and depended on, some extraordinary things begin to happen:

  • People love to come to work every day because the of the organization's inspirational culture, where employees see their jobs as more than a paycheck because leaders are able to communicate the why behind what they are doing, and create a company that actually has a purpose and meaning.
  • Everyone feels connected to and empowered by the vision and mission of the organization and how their personal vision and mission is connected to the actions that will lead to the achievement of the overall vision and mission.
  • Productivity skyrockets because people are confident in who they are and why they are doing what they are doing.
  • Revenue increases because the team is working together with an efficiency and effectiveness that consistently creates more value.
  • Team members are inspired to do more and achieve more because they know their unique abilities are appreciated.
  • Profitable collaboration becomes the norm because leaders and team members are able to make the shift from trusting in power to relying on the power of trust.
  • Problems are solved with creativity and ingenuity because team members understand how to identify and eliminate limitations.

Unique Contribution Workshops for Business Owners & Their Teams

Every person on this planet has a deep desire to contribute something of value. We can help you create the kind of organization where everyone is able to bring his or her unique contribution to work every day. We can help you create something extraordinary.

It takes great people to build a great organization.
It takes a great culture to bring out the potential of great people.
It takes everyone’s unique contributions to create a great culture.

Workshop Outline
Unique Contribution - You. Rediscovered.

Session One: Belief Boundaries - Where Your Business Lives

There are key times in every person’s life, where they experienced something and that experience had a profound impact on their life. How we interpreted that experience creates the foundation of our beliefs, good and bad, we call the good our Foundational Belief and the bad interpretation, our Limiting Belief.

Foundational Belief: Our lives and businesses are shaped by beliefs we are often unaware of. Learn how to identify Foundational Beliefs in your life and the positive effect they have on your business and revenue.

Limiting Belief: Ever bump up against things in your business you just can’t seem to get past OR a problem you seem to have to deal with over and over? These are your Limiting Beliefs. Silent but deadly, they are the ceiling on your business and life. Bring your Limiting Beliefs to light and discover what’s stopping you from moving your business forward to operate at the level you know it can.

Session Two: Your Vision for the World

It's time to exchange that ineffective and lifeless Limiting Belief with a New Possibility for yourself and your business that will not only allow you to flourish and walk in your full potential, but will also bring you measurable results. This is the fun part. With the ceiling lifted, it will be easy to rediscover your purpose and passion for life, and help you create and articulate your unique Vision for you and the world.

Session Three: Your Unique Contribution - The Problem You Solve

People don’t buy product. They buy the solution to their problem. In the crazy world of business, we become so focused on product, that we lose sight of ourselves and the thing we care most about. Do you know the problem you solve? Look back on your life and career and identify the problem you were created to solve and have been solving all your life. Watch how much more effective and productive you become, when you know who you are, where you belong and how you carry out your Vision in the world.

Session Four: Communicating Your Unique Contribution

Now that you’ve rediscovered your Unique Contribution, make it come alive with the perfect mission statement. Be focused, clear and on target when communicating the problem you solve, the result you bring and how you powerfully achieve that result with clients, co-workers and your community. Life, work and relationships will never be the same!

Unique Contribution Business Workshops

One of my favorite workshop sessions is when a business owner brings me in to do a private workshop for their management team and then all of their employees in another group session.

To know who you have on your team, what they care most about, what’s limiting them and knowing the problem they were created to solve is always so eye opening and tremendously beneficial to all. Through doing the workshop company wide, I see areas of conflict being resolved, a new understanding of whether someone is in the right or wrong place within the company and such a deeper understanding of how each employee shows up in business.

Higher level of productivity is always the outcome of these workshops and a much happier work place is achieved. This workshop can be done as a 2-day teambuilding or company retreat, or the work can be broken in small chunks of times done over several weeks in a row.

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