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Testimonials from Unique Contribution Workshop Graduates

I ADORE Revenue Tribe and the Unique Contribution Workshop!!!

I was a bit skeptical at first because I have done every personal and professional development course under the sun and thought, "I couldn't possibly uncover one more thing that I don't know"... How wrong I was. And thank God.

After going through the course twice on my own, I just KNEW that I had to incorporate the team of 70+ business owners that I lead, month in and month out. I run mastermind groups and these groups of people spend 2x a month with each other discussing business, problems and solutions, efficiencies and really how to build a business. These communities of business owners were working together well but I just knew that by sending them to Revenue Tribe that it would open up a whole new level. HOLY COW, did it ever!

The authenticity and conversation that opened up to these people because of the work of Revenue Tribe was amazing. We supported each other before but after everyone had gone through the same work, we were all on the same page and knew how to move each other forward in ways we could've only imagined.

I highly, highly recommend this work to any team that wants to go to the NEXT LEVEL!

- Julia Gentry, Purposed 
Business Unique Contribution Workshop Grad

One weekend with Nora at the RevenueTribe UC Workshop filled the void!

I found my BIG Why and started on my path towards a life of significance! It was a huge "Aha" moment for me and since then the world has opened up for me!

My favorite thing about the workshop is Nora’s strong commitment to help and her promise to leave no one behind. The work is broken down into small bites and makes it so easy to work through. Nora came along side me and went the extra mile to make sure I found what I was looking for!

I now jump out of bed every morning and inspire transformation by always choosing happiness! Not only did she help me create an impactful life of significance, but I found an amazing community to share it with! I am forever grateful to my new friends and for being a part of the Tribe!

- Phil Kubat, Berkshire Hathaway - Commercial Division
Unique Contribution Workshop Grad

Attending RevenueTribe was one of the best business and personal decisions I have made to date.

After attending the workshop on my own, I quickly believed that the process RevenueTribe takes you through could help the management team at my company identify the current limits to our productivity and success as a team.

We love working together and care deeply about each other. However, we could feel this uncertainty and in-explainable barrier that kept us from really communicating, understanding and sharing with one another. We lacked the level of trust needed as well as a clear understanding and vision of one another. We knew that we had to break down this barrier in order to accomplish all that we had been dreaming of.

We spent 2 days working as a management team of 4 with RevenueTribe and it changed us.

  • We each saw ourselves more clearly and the limits we had been placing on ourselves
  • We each saw the other people with a new level of understanding, empathy and acceptance
  • We took a chance and trusted one another with our souls, our fears, and our hopes
  • We left with the ability, the words and the perspective to help each other really live our purpose and push each other past our limiting beliefs and into our full potential

I am grateful for the blessing of being introduced to RevenueTribe and Nora! Our team has much more honest conversations with each other as well as with ourselves!

- Tara Griffin, Employee Essentials
Private Business Unique Contribution Workshop Grad


Nora's thoughtful and intimate approach to helping those find what is true and real to them is fantastic.

My husband and business partner, Daniel and I, worked with Nora in order to find direction and clarity about where we were going and how to get there in our business as well as our marriage. Being business partners can sometimes take its toll on a marriage and finding how to honor the personal relationship differently can be challenging. We found ourselves in a rut, acting only as business partners and not as a married couple. It consumed all of our thought process and because of that, we failed to pay attention to what was most important - each other and our family. During our sessions with Nora, we learned the following:

  • Discovered the WHY behind how each of us act and react to certain circumstances or challenges and this allowed us to have a better appreciation for each other, our past, our present and our goals for the future.
  • It allowed us to see how we could use our past experiences for the greater good and not allow it to be our own personal road block.
  • It opened up the lines of communication so that when talking about business, it didn't have a negative twist as it did before (when we felt we only discussed work).
  • We were able to identify the fact that what we both bring to the business is of equal value and importance but that the way we contribute to the companies success is unique. And also, what we each uniquely carry is why we are and will continue to be successful at what we do together and with our team as a whole.

Nora's thoughtful and intimate approach to helping those find what is true and real to them is fantastic. She genuinely cares about your success and happiness and you feel that through each and every session you are with her.

- Bridgette & Daniel Ward, Owners of Inward Fitness
Private Couples Unique Contribution Workshop Grads


Thanks you for the amazing workshop!

I didn’t know what to expect exactly and how you were going to deliver but I was amazed how you brought it all together. All I can say is WOW! Finding the core of my limiting belief then seeing how that help built me for the God given passion that drives me today. It’s truly remarkable how you do what you do and you are REALLY good at it. Also, your heart drips with compassion for each and everyone that you work with through this process. Because of your compassion and deep desire to find the key that makes me tick, I am sooooo glad I had the opportunity to work with you.

- Diane Lopes, CEO Cash Flow Objectives, LLC
 Unique Contribution Workshop Grad

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