Unique Contribution Workshop: December 14th & 15th

Event Details

Join us at the December Unique Contribution Workshop!


Date & Time: Friday, December 14th 1:00pm-6:00pm & Saturday, December 15th 9:00am-6:00pm

Location: To be determined

Cost: $597.00 (Included in price: Notebook with curriculum, lunch & light snacks)

Lunch provided on Saturday, December 15th. Light Snacks and Refreshments provided all other times.


Workshop Outline

Session One

Foundational and Limiting Core Beliefs

In this session we will help you identify your 2 main Core Beliefs. Your Core Beliefs act much the same as the root system of a tree. The first core root system is called your Foundational Belief where the good fruit in your life comes from. It’s the foundation of what is most important to you. It’s what creates the passion, power and prosperity in every area of your life. The second core root system is your Limiting Belief, which creates the bad fruit in your life. It’s that lie that continues to plague you and limits you from having the abundant life that you know is possible. It’s responsible for the lack of connection and strife in your relationships and marriages. It leaves you feeling like you are not enough, that you are insignificant, powerless, hopeless and without purpose.


Session Two


In this session you will be guided through a powerful and profound closed eye exercise, where you will exchange your Limiting Belief and create a powerful Vision for your life. You will begin to live more consistently from the place of your Vision, as well as help others read what is most important to you and come along side you and run with you to see your Vision accomplished on the earth.


Session Three


Do you know the mission/purpose that you are called to fulfill in your lifetime? Do you know why you and/or your business exist? In this session you will walk away with a clear understanding of your Mission/Purpose in life and how it applies to your relationships, your career and your business. 


  For more details about the Unique Contribution Workshop, click here.

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